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  • Tom Verstichel

    BizTalk360 provides us with a lot of metrics that allows us to stay on top of artifacts' health. Practically, we did not have control on the health of the system before. With Data Monitoring, things are made very simple - set up an alert and get notified in case of any issue. We are confident to let BizTalk360 take care of monitoring our system!

    Tom Verstichel

    System Architect, Bleckmann België NV

  • Nicolas Smolders

    We are using BizTalk360 on a day to day base for operating and monitoring our BizTalk environment. Most used features contain the Monitoring and Notification capabilities and the Analytics capabilities which were introduced in version 8. However, what I like most is that the people behind BizTalk360 are very dedicated to their product and the customers who are using it on a day to day basis. Their support responsiveness is really outstanding!

    Nicolas Smolders

    Responsable des Services Applicatifs chez Ores

  • Bart Scheurweghs

    We use BizTalk360 at all our Managed Services clients because it helps us deliver on our promise to reduce operational costs and improve the availability of business services. We methodically map monitoring against business impact and design for operations, we are able to reduce the number of incidents and impact of incidents with all our customers.

    Bart Scheurweghs

    Senior Integration Architect, Integration.team

  • Koen Van Oost

    BizTalk out-of-the box has no alerting capabilities. In case something fails during the processing of messages, also when a receive location goes down, we do not get alerted! BizTalk monitoring required us to use SCOM, as it was the only option Microsoft offered us. Also configuring SCOM took a lot of effort to get it right. In the mean time BizTalk360 got my attention. Their solution was so much better than mine and the GUI looked dramatically better and it did what it was supposed to do; inform the administrators when an error occurred in BizTalk and allowing them to take action. Their solution also enabled us to organize the BizTalk administration without having to use the BizTalk Administration Console and giving users access to the BizTalk machines. I have deployed BizTalk360 on most of my customer sites and never got a bad feedback.

    Koen Van Oost

    Business Integration Architect, i8c

  • Lode Deckers

    We are really impressed with the monitoring, notification and alarm modules. Not having to do manual health checks on systems we expect just to be working has proven to be a great help. Before using BizTalk360 all our monitoring was basic SQL Monitoring and an attempt to correctly monitor BizTalk applications via custom WMI queries. This product has significantly lowered our monitoring and development time. We had issues with guaranteeing the health of our environment without creating WMI queries, or logging into the servers to perform manual health checks. Now if something goes down, notifications are automatically sent to the correct people based on the alarms we set, without having to do anything.

    Lode Deckers

    Software Engineer, DEME Group

    Deme Group
  • Jordy Maes

    Our main goal was to reduce the time that BizTalk Administrators needed to solve minor issues such as stopped ports and suspended instances. BizTalk360's auto correct features really helps us with this. From the Operations point of view, BizTalk360 clearly helps our non-BizTalk specialized staff to operate on the BizTalk environment. Features such as Knowledge Base helps our support engineers to document information that are useful for the team to quickly resolve issues. Using custom queries and data monitoring is already helping our business people in investigating their deliveries of large quantities of files in time.

    Jordy Maes

    Business Integration Engineer, Integration.team


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